Sheikh Ahmad Al Aseer (الشيخ احمد الاسير) ‘s Reality show?

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This guy is living the Lebanese “dream”. He set a tent illegally in the middle of the road, is expanding it day after day, and might host Iftars there during Ramadan. He always wanted to ride the bicycle as a kid so he blocked the roads around him and went for a ride.

He doesn’t need to go to the barber, the barber comes to him. He doesn’t understand English properly so he fabricates stuff like that “Aisha-hating” Anti-Sunnite machine gun.

Question is: Why doesn’t he have his own reality show yet? It would most definitely be a hit.

PS: I heard he also went horseback riding but I don’t have a picture yet.

18 thoughts on “Sheikh Ahmad Al Aseer (الشيخ احمد الاسير) ‘s Reality show?

  1. Ali Sleeq

    I always wondered how itchy such long beards would be.

    Anyhow, as a Sunni, I really hate that these extremists are becoming popular. But considering how things are lopsiding on the 14 March front, this is to be expected.

    1. Ghost

      Who said he is a Sunni extremist? I do not even think you have heard is speeches or what he says or his strategy. If you have one proof of his extremism, then please show us.

      Its people like you my friend that actually gives Islam a bad name as Islam teaches us to be educated and understanding. Your obviously talking from pure ignorance.

        1. Ghost

          Yes I am serious. I don’t see what’s so surprising. Plus no one has taken my bet. Show me where is extreme? I’ll be looking forward to the answer

  2. Georg Dreyman

    dont know how much “illegal” is what asir is doing but why nnot legal?
    I mean, few year back (2006?) hezbollah blocked and paralyzed all of beirut downtown for 2 years? and in addition to thatt anyone feeling bored today can simply go blocking the main airport road.

    so yeaaa talking about law and whats legal or illegal .. is a waste of time.

        1. ali

          , it is not even a similar act aslan, more than 800,000 of diff political parties and not just hezbolla participated in the sit ins and protests in downtown back in 2006 so that the PM resign and that should be compared to the protests of 2005 when a similar act was done for karami to resign , one did listen to the half of the citizens and respected himself and resigned the other ( saniora) didn’t… And that cannot be compared to a 500 persons protest…

        2. Ghost

          I am sorry but you still have to explain to us exactly what shiekh al aseer did? I would like to compare him to hizbullah because one carries arms and has killed his own people and one does not carry arms and has not killed anyone. Not sure how you can categorize them the same.

          1. Lebanese

            Ghost. why you do not act like ghost? nothing can be demostrated to you, because you´ll not accept it. Speaking is free, and what you do is to speak for speaking, without any knowledge
            please, remain far and don´t warm the ambience, no one needs more problems. we all are suffering it.

          2. Lebanese

            by the way Ghost, do you remember when Asseer promised not to allow nasrallah and others sleep?

          3. guiro

            now you know what he did okay? check the news..Stop counter balancing Hizballah with ignorants like el Aseer..Hizballa’s weapons are legal as they are part of a resistance..What are Aseer’s weapons for? killing the lebanese army? Did Hizballa fire at the Lebanese army and kill them in cold blood? If you really want to have arms and then join the resistance not create trigger happy militias..l3ama kbaro ba2a..3a shweyy el tourists wel san3at baddon yetsalla7o bi 7ijjet enno Hizballa 3ando slei7

    1. Lebanese

      people who blocks the airport road they do it because they are bored? it seems that for you what they have done is illegal. what you would have done if you are one of these suffering people?

  3. scirocc0

    Georg, same thing apply to the “thawrat l arz” downtown closing for i dont remember how long … right?

    anyway … mafi l wa7ad ya3mol shi eddemkon 😛

  4. another lebanese

    At least he is sitting with his supporters, sleeping on street with them, not like the elite politicians

    1. lebanese

      Does that mean that he´s doing great? I agree, sitting and sleeping is the best he can do, but talking, he´s leading people to separation and more problems to come. All must know that lebanon dont need more leaders like this, and Lebanon is suffering for long time, so why start preparing porblems for the future? dont we have enough leaders? if every time someone speaks we call him a leader, all of us will be leaders and will be no one to follow.


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