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  1. Roger

    St. Georges is the worst hospital ever and should be closed down. My mother almost died last year while under their “care”. A minor surgery turned into an 8 hour ordeal during which she suffered a stroke because of a blocked carotid artery that should have been detected during pre-op.

    My brothers and I went to visit her right after the failed surgery, and we were shocked to see the conditions at this ‘hospital’: blood drops on the hallway floors, utter filth everywhere, unprofessional doctors and nurses smoking inside the hospital and nurses who complained about their jobs.

    What a disgrace to say the least. And the scary part is that St. Georges is the ONLY hospital serving the upper Kesrwan area!! If you want half decent medical care, you have to travel to Beirut and HOPE that you will be seen and cared for at another hospital.

    We did just that and took her to Hotel Dieu where she thankfully got the medical attention she needed after the hack job they did at St. Georges.

    So, if you find yourself needing medical attention and are near St. Georges, do yourself a favor and go to another hospital. It just might save your life.

    Sorry Najib, just had to vent and let people know what a bad hospital St. Georges really is.

    1. Najib Post author

      Don’t be sorry. Let’s just say like everywhere else in Lebanon, you have to pay to get the proper treatment even in hospitals.

      What is even worse these days is that no insurance covers old people (over 80 I think) and rare are the hospitals who are accepting patients based on “Daman” anymore these days.

      So unless you have enough money, you need to go after the “average” hospitals.

  2. Gianni

    That does not sound average “hospital’ dude…It’s more like a slaughterhouse! Unless you guys have lost all sense of proportionality!


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