I was flipping through Al-Hadaf, a classified ads newspaper. You have the usual pages about houses / lands / cars / boats / chalets for sale / rent, the travel section where they advertise “amazing” offers e.g. 1 week in Varna including plane ticket and accommodation for 400$(the reality of it is a really old chartered plane and a really crappy hotel) and at the end of the newspaper you can find a section on penis pumps and excitement creams! Two entire pages of commercials on how to enhance men’s manhood and intensify women’s excitement level.

I’ll go through some of them and explain what’s written in Arabic for our readers who do not know the language well.

The ad is 2 fold:
Male: Air pump, easy to use + all accessories including an attractive perfume. This pump is for those who have heart problems. What I have underlined in red literally translates into the following: “Ask for the black man package, you won’t regret it!!” lol!
Female: New Girl cream that will make any girl a born again virgin in 7 days, GUARANTEED! No operation required.

This ad also has 2 sections:
Male: Enhancement pills that you can take for a week for a lifetime free of problems. Also, a cream that can make a guy’s package bigger. Comes with guarantee. I wonder how someone can demand a refund?
Female: At the bottom left corner of the page, 40 bucks for a cream to pull up and enlarge the breasts

And the best for last: WORLD’S LARGEST PENIS

Notice how happy the lady in the picture is?
It promises an increase of 2 to 5 cms in size. If 2 cms are missing for you to have the world’s largest penis, come on do you really need those 2 cms? Are you trying to become a tripod?