Asshole mentality: I’ll buy a totaled car, sell it for a small profit to a garage. The garage repairs the car and makes it look brand new. Some poor guy buys the previously wrecked car and spends a fortune on maintenance over the years…

There’s a parking lot next to the SNA building in Tabaris that frequently displays wrecked cars. A couple of weeks ago he had a Toyota RAV4 that was a complete wreck: airbags out, windshield broken, axles bent, front part completely damaged and he wanted 20,000$ for it!

His logic: you buy it for 20,000, you repair it for 2,000 and you sell it for 23 or 24,000.

He thought we were serious buyers, so he said: “ntebeh, ana ma bjib gheyr lebneni!” lol!

The new car he’s displaying is an SLK, I’m guessing early 2000s that is completely damaged on the side. Hit by a bus maybe?

I’m gonna ask the guy how much he wants for it on my way out from work.