Minister of Culture and the Order Of Engineers And Architects Of Beirut announced yesterday along with the Italian Ambassador and architect Hala Younes that Lebanon will be represented officially at the 16th edition of the Venice Biennale for architecture. We’ve had several Lebanese taking part in the Venice Biennale on an individual level, but this is the first time an architect’s project is officially endorsed by the Ministry and represented in a national pavilion.

Source: Executive Lebanon

Lebanon will be taking part under the theme “The Place that Remains”, and the exhibition curated by Hala Younes aims to “shed light on the un-built land, their cultural characteristics and their prospects in improving the constructed environment and its living conditions as well as the architect’s role in the construction process and the resulting impact on the culture of the land.”

The pavilion will also features six Photographers: Gregory Buchakjian; Catherine Cattaruzza, Gilbert Hage, Hoda Kassatly, Ieva Sauvargaite, and Talal Khoury.

The Biennale will run from May 26 to November 25, 2018. You can read more about it [here] and check out the pavilion website [here].