I was switching through channels yesterday and i fell on an old movie called “The Sixth man“.

The movie dates back to 1997 with Marlon Wayans as the main actor. It is a really funny movie and old but i am posting about it because of Lorenzo Orr, who plays a basketball professional in the movie.

The same Lorenzo Orr came to Lebanon and played in the first Division for one or two seasons but i can’t remember what team he played with. He was really good nonetheless.

While i was looking for any history on Lorenzo Orr, i found an obituary for the same name, but i am guessing based on the picture, it is a different Lorenzo.

Anyway, Lorenzo brought back memories of Lebanese basketball games at their early beginning with foreign players like Orr, Ndaye, Mhammad Acha etc and Lebanese players like Elie Fawwaz, the Chidiac brothers, Boulos Boulos, Moussa Moussa etc …