I hope he didn’t pull a Majdi and Wajdi act to convince them lol!

A LEBANESE man has lost his bid to stay in Australia as a refugee on a protection visa because he could not convince a tribunal he was gay. The man claimed he would be persecuted as a homosexual if he had to return to Lebanon. But the Refugee Review Tribunal found that he had failed to live in Australia as a gay man, and did not accept his explanation that it was “due to his lack of English and a car”.

The tribunal said he had claimed to have secretly had homosexual relationships in Lebanon, despite not having a car there.

“It seems illogical that he has not made any connections or lived openly as a gay man in the 21 months since he arrived in Australia,” the tribunal said.

The man, who cannot be named, appealed the rejection of his visa application, but on October 3 a federal judge refused his application. The court heard that the man arrived in Australia in December 2011 on a Lebanese passport, with a sponsored family visitor visa, after previously visiting Australia in 2010. [Link]