We were celebrating the Saint Berbara this weekend and the tradition says that we should dress up in costumes and visit family, friends and neighbors to wish them well. The tradition also involves singing Berbara songs, growing and eating sweetened wheat as well as Atayef.

Last year, we struggled to find Brian a nice costume and this year is no different. Most of the shops I visited sell the same cheap, low-quality and most of the time overpriced costumes and there aren’t many options for babies and toddlers. I visited Yammine Balloons, Baba Gina, Mazen World and Geachan and the only “decent” costume I could find was a Star wars Storm trooper costume at Geachan (for 3 year old kids). My wife also looked at a couple of baby clothes shop where we usually find good quality costumes and only found a nice Superman pajama at Mother Care.

It’s really surprising that we don’t have a proper costumes shop in Lebanon, or at least a popup shop that sells nice costumes in malls during Halloween or Saint Berbara.

In all cases, Happy Saint Berbara to all! It took me an hour to get Brian to wear these costumes and pose for pictures 😀