We’ve been delaying Brian’s first haircut for quite some time but we’ve finally decided to do it this weekend. Brian has straight blonde hair with curls at the tips (he definitely didn’t take that from me), and even though we all love his hair, we have to trim it a bit to keep it from getting into his eyes.

I’ve been reading about a child’s first haircut and many suggest that you do it at home especially if he’s still a toddler as it is the most difficult age for cutting hair. I told my wife I should be the one to cut Brian’s hair the first time, but she wasn’t very fond of the idea (for obvious reasons LOL!) so I’ve been looking for the past week for child-friendly salons in Lebanon.

Here are the salons I know of so far:

– Mickey & Minnie Kids Haircut (Achrafieh & Jounieh)
– PiiXELZ at ABC Dbayyeh.
London Base in Adonis & Zalka. It’s a hair salon for men but they do have a kids section.

I’m surprised I was only able to find 3 shops. If you have other suggestions, please do share.