I wanted to open up a topic for discussion but I wasn’t planning to until Chahe posted about my engagement.

While planning the dinner, I had no choice but to put Arabic music as most family members don’t really dance to English or French music. I can only laugh imagining my aunts or uncles dancing R&B or Trance.

Now don’t get me wrong, Arabic music is not that bad but what irritates me about it is that guys can’t dance to it. The moves one has to do to cope with all the belly dancing around him are limited and plain stupid:

Here are some moves my friend Leila suggested sarcastically of course:

Move 1: Clap ur hands in the air while smiling stupidly.

Move 2: Go down on one knee clap side ways on the hips of the dancing girls (also while smiling stupidly)

Move 3: Open ur hands as if saying rise up and rise em .. rise ’em rise ’em (no smiling this time just a serious ana el jaggal look)

There are two moves I must add here:

Move4: Stretch your hands over the girl’s shoulders and start moving them left and right like you’re some ski jumping athlete trying to maintain balance.

Move5: Try to belly dance and make a joke out of yourself.

The only good part about Arabic Music is Dabke but unless you know how to really dabke, it gets boring after few minutes. That’s why I am planning to take some Dabke lessons or maybe ask my dad who should join Caracalla for his Dabke skills.

If anyone knows a good place to learn Dabke, please feel free to share it.