I could swear i felt a small yet long(10-15 seconds) earthquake yesterday around 11:45 pm, but i didn’t hear any news mention it so far, and everyone @ home was asleep and obviously did not feel a thing.

It is quite ironic because i was yesterday discussing with Chahe the large earthquake and tsunami that scientists are predicting in Lebanon soon.

“Earthquakes happen everywhere and everyday in Lebanon,” Elias said.

Most of these are too small for concern – around 1,000 times weaker than the last major quake to strike Lebanon, in 1759 at a magnitude of 7.4, which killed tens of thousands of people.

Now it might be the thought of an earthquake that made me feel there was one, or some phobia, but it is not like i can’t sleep out of fear of earthquakes or start screaming or any of those symptoms, so it can’t be an earthquake phobia or Seismophobia.

If you want to check all earthquakes occuring worldwide, here is a cool website. I couldn’t find any in Lebanon but the website may not report them due to a lack of information, since it is based on Google maps API, or maybe i am mistaken 🙂