Negotiations between generator owners and the ministry of economy are still ongoing and the latest updates reveal that generator owners who installed meters can now charge customers insurance fees, starting with 100,000LL for 5-ampere subscription, 175,000LL for 10-ampere subscription and 75,000LL for every additional 5-ampere.

Subscribers can claim back the amount if they decided to cancel the subscription, or in other terms when we will start getting 24/7 electricity or we leave the country for good.

I’m still skeptical about this whole initiative and I doubt that it will ever be enforced. If anything, it will be implemented in certain areas then forgotten in a year time. What we need are better short-term alternatives to providing further electricity, rather than legitimizing this whole generator mess.

What’s gonna happen next is that subscribers will clash with generator owners if those decide to charge them extra maintenance fees or turn off their generators occasionally due to excessive blackouts, but eventually they will have to settle and pay because there are no other alternatives.