It’s like every single day, countless new videos are shared online of people in situations they will most probably later regret. Most of the time, it’s the people concerned themselves that share something they later wish they never posted. Other times, it’s people who are seeking to harm someone else. More recently, it’s organized crime rings trying to blackmail people. In short: think before you share. Pause a moment, and consider if you really want that status, photo or video available for the world to see.

That doesn’t mean sharing is wrong. Our family and friends all over the world are just a few taps away, their stories, their updates and their albums. It’s revolutionized the way we stay in contact with those we love, up to date with topics we care about. I myself share a whole lot, but I always make sure the comment, caption, photo or video are something I fully thought out before.

What starts as a simple photo, caption, status and video can cause fights, embarrassment, people can lose their jobs, and it can even result in crimes in extreme cases. Alfa has taken the decision to remind people of this basic responsibility that would help save them from unpleasant and unwanted situations. As part of the campaign, huge phone frames were installed over windows and inside them, various unpleasant scenarios were enacted to remind people that some things should be left private and not always shared publicly.