3G/4G Bundles a Great Alternative to Shitty DSL

A year ago, I wrote about the need for Ogero to offer alternatives to users still having shitty internet and I heard that they might be considering some options such as 4G data bundles but it never happened. Last week, both mobile operators launched a campaign promoting discounted data bundles offering 4G speeds at affordable prices. Alfa for example gives you a 25GB starting bundle for $30 a month while it costs $56 to subscribe…

Have you Heard about IDD?

Look up IDD or #InternetDeficitDisorder online and you'll find a page explaining this new phenomenon that's affecting a lot of Lebanese whenever internet starts acting up. I'm not sure if this is a joke or not, but we do suffer from horrible internet and the symptoms listed below are quite common: Rain-phobia: Panicking whenever you're downloading a huge file or upgrading your software and it starts to rain since connections tend to cut off during…

Four Features that Put The Mate 20 Pro Ahead of the Competition

2 weeks ago
A month after using the Huawei Mate 20 pro, one can easily see why it was dubbed the king of smartphones this year and why it’s a serious contender for the best smartphone of the ...

Spotify officially launches in Lebanon and the MENA region, to compete with Deezer and Anghami

1 month ago
It’s been available for access for years through unorthodox ways, and rumored for months, but Spotify Arabia has now been finally, officially launched in 13 countries of the MENA region as of Tuesday. The list ...
Smart Phone

Huawei Mate 20 Series, Dubbed “King of Smartphones” Launched Officially in the Middle East!

1 month ago
With everything that’s been added to a smartphone in the past few years, it’s almost impossible to come up with a new exciting product or feature, but Huawei seem to always have a few tricks ...

Lebanon’s Spike App Wins $100K at GITEX’s Future Stars!

1 month ago
Building on last year’s momentum at GITEX Future Stars, Speed@BDD had another strong presence this year with 15 Lebanese-based startups and one of its alumnus were able to clinch the first prize of $100K in ...

Malak Al Tawouk Launch Their New Mobile app: “Djeijital”

2 months ago
Earlier this month, on September 17, Malak Al Tawouk launched their new mobile application, entitled “DJEIJITAL”, an amalgan of the words DJEIJ (Arabic for Chicken) and DIGITAL. The announcement came in a very humorous way ...

“Abtal Al Internet” by Google Helps Children Fight online Trolls and Scammers

2 months ago
Google has launched a cool platform named “Abtal Al Internet” (Internet Heroes) in Arabic where children are taught to detect scammers and fraudsters on the internet. The platform is for free and has plenty of ...

#NotEverythingIsForSharing: Alfa’s Timely Reminder

2 months ago
It’s like every single day, countless new videos are shared online of people in situations they will most probably later regret. Most of the time, it’s the people concerned themselves that share something they later ...

Spotify To Launch Soon in the Middle East?

2 months ago
Music streaming service Spotify is set to join Apple Music and launch in the Middle East by November according to some sources. The internal company email that was obtained by Music Business Worldwide states the ...