New Telecom Minister Wants to Sell Our Data to Private Companies

The new minister of Telecommunication Johnny Corm suggested today during a TV interview that he's considering selling user data to private companies in order to increase the ministry's revenues. When asked if this data will be confidential or not, he stated that he has set up a committee to make sure they're not violating users’ privacy and security. However, this committee cannot be trusted and as suggested by SMEX, we need a legal committee to…

The 2021 iPhone Index: You Need 300 Working Days To Afford The iPhone 13 in Lebanon

How many working days do you need to afford Apple’s latest flagship phone? publishes every year the iPhone Index that gather net wages and compare them to the published iPhone prices in each country. In this year's index, Turkey was ranked the worst with 92.5 working days needed to buy an iPhone 13 while it only takes a working man 5.9 days to buy one in the US. As far as Lebanon is concerned,…

Ration Card Program Website Crashed on its Launch Date

1 month ago
The $556 million ration card program was officially launched today by the Lebanese government and a website [DAEM] was put in place to allow people to register. However and unsurprisingly, the website has crashed and ...

A Virtual Travel Through Time To Bring Baalbek Back to Life

6 months ago
The Directorate General of Antiquities in Lebanon launched, in collaboration with the German Archaeological Institute and Flyover Zone, an application called “Baalbek Reborn: Temples” that provides a digital reconstruction of Baalbek temples and explains the ...

Lebanon To Experience Internet Issues Due To IMEWE Cable Maintenance

8 months ago
Ogero announced today that we might be facing internet connectivity issues in Lebanon due to maintenance works planned on the (IMEWE) submarine communications cable system. Lebanon relies solely on this cable and our only backup ...

Daskara: A Community-Driven Guide To Lebanon’s Hidden Gems

11 months ago
DASKARA, which is Arabic for “Authentic village”, is a recently launched app that is user-driven and serves as a repository of insider information on the plethora of natural and cultural sites in Lebanon. The app ...

Beirut-based Startup NAR Acquired by B3Bar Holdings!

1 year ago
This is amazing news! What started as a final year project back in 2014 has now been acquired by a US-based B3Bar Holdings. NAR (Next Automated Robots) is a Beirut-based startup that develops smart drone-based ...

Darresne: Linking Students to Tutors

1 year ago
Finding a tutoring job is not easy, you usually get it if you work at a school or from word of mouth. Darresne makes the process simpler and increases the opportunity of being hired. Darresne ...

Without Fuel, Expect an Internet Blackout Soon in Lebanon

1 year ago
The fuel shortage has already caused a severe power outage across the country and is forcing a lost of businesses to shut down or reduce their working hours. As far as the internet is concerned, ...

Whatsapp New Limitations: “Popular” Messages Can be Forwarded to One Person

1 year ago
I was forwarding a funny video to a couple of friends when I got the below message, stating that I can only share with up to 1 chat this message as it has been forwarded ...