Can You Use Starlink in Lebanon?

It was announced last year that Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet constellation, will launch in Lebanon and I read some people might already be using it and even procuring equipment via Cyprus, but this is not legal and might get you into problems if you're caught. Satellite internet services were even available before and the charge was "Collaboration with the enemy" for those using it. As far as the government is concerned, and more specifically…

Check Out Alfie App: Teach Your Kids Arabic The Fun Way!

Teaching kids the Arabic Language can be quite challenging nowadays, especially when everything around us is in English or French. This is true for locals and even more for expats whose children don't even get Arabic lessons at schools, except in Lebanese schools abroad which are rare to find. Alfie is an app designed by Lebanese & Jordanian expats and aimed at teaching children the Arabic alphabet in a fun way. It's a visually appealing…

Anghami is Introducing AI-Powered Podcasts

7 months ago
With everyone talking about AI in the past months, Anghami took a big leap forward by launching its AI Powered Personalized Podcast, the first of its kind in the world. The leading music and entertainment ...

The Most Visited Website in Lebanon & Other Arab Countries

1 year ago
Hostinger has published its 2022 findings on the most visited websites per country. Search engines (Google mainly) as well as Facebook and YouTube were removed to provide more accurate insights. Just to give you an ...

Health Ministry’s PASS Platform is Compromised

1 year ago
Earlier in December, SMEX as well as several online activists raised doubts regarding the security measures taken to protect the data being captured on the Health Ministry’s MOPH Pass platform. As it appears, the platform ...

Anghami is Officially The First Arab Tech Company Listed on NASDAQ

1 year ago
After having completed a merger with Vistas Media Acquisition Co. Inc. last year, Abu Dhabi-headquartered Anghami has officially rang today the opening bell at Nasdaq in New York to celebrate approval for listing. A couple ...

General Security Passport Renewal Platform Powered by an NGO?

1 year ago
Update: General Security changed the “Powered by Hani Saliba Foundation” to “With appreciation for Hani Saliba Foundation efforts”. SMEX, an organization which advocates for digital rights, shed light last week on new service offered by ...

Unlock Your iPhone With Face ID While Wearing a Mask

1 year ago
The latest iOS 15.4 beta introduced by Apple now allows you to use Face ID while wearing a mask and without needing an Apple Watch. The feature will be available for iPhone 12 and iPhone ...

No Internet in Beirut’s Third District on Sunday

1 year ago
Imad Kreidieh, chairman of state telecommunications provider Ogero, tweeted late Saturday that Beirut’s third district will be cut off on Sunday as its Mazraa Central has run out of diesel. Kreidieh has been warning for ...

New Telecom Minister Wants to Sell Our Data to Private Companies

2 years ago
The new minister of Telecommunication Johnny Corm suggested today during a TV interview that he’s considering selling user data to private companies in order to increase the ministry’s revenues. When asked if this data will ...