Beirut Airport to Get Decent Internet (Third time’s a Charm?)

Ever since I started blogging here, I hear about Beirut's airport finally getting some decent internet and it still did not happen. In fact, we had at least weird looking internet machines few years back, now I don't even think there's a WIFI channel to connect to but all this is going to change soon, as promised by Ogero head Imad Kreidieh. "El internet ray yisseer Tiyyara". I'm surprised no one used this pun yet…

Telecom Ministry to Launch a New Roaming Service

According to BusinessNews, The Ministry of Telecommunication is set to launch a new roaming service with the Switzerland-based company Wonet, that will be priced at $25 per month and will allow Alfa and Touch users to use the Internet abroad, consume data, receive and make phone calls at local tariff rates. We're in dire need of a decent roaming service that's for sure, but I didn't quite understand the concept here. I looked up the…

Anghami Offering Game of Thrones Live Streaming Service

10 months ago
Last Sunday, Game of Thrones’ final season premiered at 4AM local time Beirut, and fans of the show were able to watch it live, with the help of Anghami. I subscribed myself and I have ...

Zomato Gold Finally launched in #Lebanon: Here’s All You Need to Know

10 months ago
After establishing itself as the go-to platform for everything food-related, Zomato is finally rolling out its popular membership program “Zomato Gold” in Lebanon. Not only does Zomato Gold help you discover the top restaurants around, ...

Slighter: The Learning Lighter

10 months ago
There are roughly one billion smokers in the World of which 70% think of quitting, 40% actually try to quit but ultimately only 5% succeed. This is mainly because of two reasons: will power is ...

The 1st Maker Faire in Lebanon is on April 6th!

11 months ago
Almost 200 international Maker Faire take place around the world every year in cities including Tokyo, Rome, Shenzhen, Taipei, Seoul, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, San Diego, Cairo, Dubai and many more. This year, the world’s largest ...

You Cannot Ban The “Momo” Challenge

11 months ago
Ex-Minister Inaya Ezzedine addressed the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Information asking them to take the necessary measures to ban the notorious electronic game known as “Momo” and that spread recently on Whatsapp, YouTube ...

Three Exciting Smartphones Coming Out Soon

11 months ago
Remember when Samsung launched the Galaxy, dubbed a phablet, years ago? And how everyone, mostly Apple fans, started mocking it before smartphones eventually started getting bigger and bigger? Well just when we thought phones couldn’t ...

Huge Gaming Event Happening in #Beirut this July

11 months ago
In collaboration with Virgin Radio Lebanon, Mindwhisk events are organizing for the first time in the country, a huge gaming event entitled “Gamers Unite 2019”, which will take place between July 17 and 21 at ...
Smart Phone

Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 Review

11 months ago
The Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 has officially hit the Lebanese market and is a major upgrade from last year’s Huawei Y7 Prime 2018. The mid-range phone, which is aimed at today’s youth, combines three key ...