Teaching kids the Arabic Language can be quite challenging nowadays, especially when everything around us is in English or French. This is true for locals and even more for expats whose children don’t even get Arabic lessons at schools, except in Lebanese schools abroad which are rare to find.

Alfie [Android] [iOS] is an app designed by Lebanese & Jordanian expats and aimed at teaching children the Arabic alphabet in a fun way. It’s a visually appealing and colorful app with pretty cool sounds that helps kids trace different letters on the screen and rewards them with an image that begins with that letter.

What I loved most is that you can choose between the different Arabic dialects including “Lebanese, Jordanian & Egyptian”. This shows a progressive approach to teaching the Arabic we actually talk and not the “نحوي”.

The app is available for [Android] users and [iOS] users.

Check it out and let your kids learn Arabic the fun way!