Update: General Security changed the “Powered by Hani Saliba Foundation” to “With appreciation for Hani Saliba Foundation efforts”.

via https://twitter.com/ghazayel

SMEX, an organization which advocates for digital rights, shed light last week on new service offered by the General Security that lacks both data security and privacy measures. The platform for booking passport renewal appointments was launched by an NGO, the Hani Saliba Foundation, which is quite absurd given that such services should SOLELY be handled by government agencies and protected from unauthorized access or disclosure. Even worse, the website didn’t have a safe https connection when it launched.

In addition to that, SMEX dug deeper and found that Hani Saliba is a potential candidate for the upcoming elections in the Matn area.

This being said and to re-iterate SMEX’s questions: ” Which company built this platform and who is collecting the data? Where is it saved? And who has access to it? Where is the privacy/security policy of this platform? And why are you promoting platforms that aren’t safe!”

PS: The platform allowed entering an Israeli number when first launched but then they removed it. 😂