The World Cup kicks off today and the Lebanese are still unsure whether they will be able to watch it for free on TeleLiban or not. Like I said yesterday, the way Lebanese officials are dealing with this matter is quite shameful and humiliating. We shouldn’t be begging anyone to watch the World Cup, nor waiting for Qatar’s Prime Minister or BeIN’s chairman to make up their mind and decide whether the Lebanese can watch the World Cup for free or not.

Having said that, and since most of the Lebanese have illegal cable subscriptions, chances are the cable guy will charge you an extra amount and get either BeIN channels or some foreign channels that are broadcasting it for free. There’s a list of free channels (TF1, Rai Sport, Canal+ Sport etc ..) that is being circulated that you can see below, but chances are these will be blocked on the receivers by the local providers. Here’s the full list of TVs broadcasting the World Cup as provided by the FIFA.

In case you have a decent internet connection, there are TVs that will be broadcasting the first two rounds for free on their website and mobile apps, like Spanish Univision and French TF1.

There’s also a website I use to livestream almost any sports event that is called feed2all.eu. I never tried it during a World Cup but I am sure they will be showing games.

If you are still not sure what time the games are, go to FIFA’s website and click the “Change to local time” for the games you are interested in. It will show you the game schedule based on Beirut local time.