Spotted in front of Phoenicia Intercontinental

Gulf guy 1: OK OK, listen to this! I’m getting a BMW M6!

Gulf guy 2: No way!! That’s amazing!

Gulf guy 1: I know! But I’m still debating on what color I should get it!

Gulf guy 2: Please don’t tell me you’re thinking of getting a classy color like black, dark blue or silver! You gotta stand out man! Innovate!!

Gulf guy 1: Exactly!! Man btefhamle rasse! That’s what I was thinking! But I couldn’t make up my mind! I always wanted a gold colored car, but the pearl color reminds me of home… I’m soooo lost!!

Gulf guy 2: Man! I got it! What if I tell you that your car can be the color of your dreams AND match your Louis Vuitton socks and underwear?

Gulf guy 1: Dude, if you can make that happen, I’ll give you my blackberry / pearl colored Range Rover Sport!!

Gulf guy 2: Listen to this… You get the gold color on top, and the pearl color at the bottom!

Gulf guy 1: (Almost having a heart attack at this amazing revelation) You are a genius! I’m gonna look like a real douchebag, uh I mean player riding this car!!