Following Israel’s Channel 12 TV report yesterday claiming that Israel will supply natural gas to Lebanon in a US-brokered deal intended to minimize Iranian hold over the impoverished and crisis-stricken country, Lebanon’s Energy Ministry denied the newsstand stated that “natural gas will come exclusively from Egypt via Jordan and Syria”.

However, Our Energy Ministry is not telling us the full story, as “Egypt and Israel agreed on February 2021 to connect Israel’s offshore Leviathan natural gas field to liquified natural gas (LNG) facilities in northern Egypt via an underwater pipeline in order to increase gas exports to Europe”, and Israel has become since 2020 ” key supplier of natural gas to energy-thirsty Egypt after starting production from its Tamar and Leviathan offshore gas fields”.

So in other words, we’re getting the gas from Egypt but changes are high that it’s coming from Israel. Let’s see how they justify dealing with the enemy this time in the coming week 😂😂