The Lebanese Deaf Basketball Team was only formed six years ago by a group of determined and passionate basketball players despite little to no support from the local authorities. Through training and commitment, they were able to form a solid team and take part in the 2023 World Championship being held in Greece where they scored their first ever international win against Kenya.

Lebanon was drawn in one of the toughest groups in the Championship against Spain, Argentina, Slovenia and Lithuania but kept their heads up and managed to score a win against Kenya in the last rounds.

Regardless of the scores, what this team has achieved, in a country in crisis that has disregarded for decades basic human rights, deserves our utmost respect and admiration.

Congrats to all our players on this achievement and best of luck in the upcoming tournaments!

#7 Marc Constantin
#0 Anthony Dirany
#1 Bakhos Barkil
#5 Charbel Abi Saad
#6 Adam Khazaal
#8 Yahya Deeb
#9 Joe Richmany
#14 Elio Attieh
#15 Nidal Salloum
#21 Antonio Abboud
#23 Maroun Kosseifi
#30 Wissam Geagea

And the coach is Sarkis Korjian