I just got back from the motor show. Nothing too fancy or amazing, no prototypes, just regular cars or supercars that you see on the road. People were actually taking more pictures of the models displaying the cars than the cars themselves!

There are two big halls displaying a lot of brands followed by a section where banks promote their latest car loan offerings. At the end of the expo there is a labyrinth-like section with companies promoting car accessories, renting / leasing cars etc..

While walking around, I was hearing this loud crashing sound every couple of minutes. It turned out to be the “Seat Belt Convincer” from the kunhadi.org stand.

For those who don’t know, Kunhadi is “an association for youth awareness on road safety“.

They have a very interactive website with data and statistics about car accidents in Lebanon and in my opinion these numbers are really alarming. I think everyone who likes to drive fast or drunk should take a look at their website and think twice before causing serious permanent damage to him / herself or others

The “Seat Belt Convincer” is a mechanical contraption whereby a volunteer sits in a chair that is then dropped on a downward slope at a relatively slow speed to simulate an accident.

The volunteers at the Kunhadi stand were doing a great job promoting awareness on the dangers of speeding and drunk driving.