Last Christmas I got my 78 year old Grandmother a laptop. I figured that you see older people using laptops, so why not her? She’s extremely smart and sharp. So for the past year she’s been using the basic functionalities, like writing Word documents, playing solitaire etc.

She’s been telling me that she wants to try the internet for a while now. So for Christmas this year I got her a MOBI. For those of you who don’t know, MOBI, according to their website, “residential and corporate users high speed Internet connection anytime, anywhere“. “high” is an overstatement and I’m not sure it should be included in that sentence since the connection is only 512 Kbps.

I thought it would be very easy to install and use, Plug & Play type of thing. Not at all! The installation of the software is pretty simple, but what you have to do after that is very complicated for the average user. The instructions are not clear, at one point I was asked to enter a code, I couldn’t find it. I called the MOBI hotline and they said that the code is sent by SMS to my mobile phone. At no point during the entire installation process was I informed that I should expect to receive an SMS!

So much complication for something that is supposed to be extremely simple to install and use!