“Armane Armane ya 3****t choulli jebak choulli jebak 3a Beirut”

“Jaroudi 3*****te
Shaker ya l***i
Ha ntoj al riyadi
Ya ekhwet al m*****ke”

Disgusting chants, disgusting fans and a disgusting finale. I saw the most recent Homentmen-Riyadi game and I don’t understand Homentmen’s reaction. So what if the referees were bad? They were bad for both sides. There’s no reason to take things that personal. As for Riyadi, it’s about time they teach these so-called basketball fans some manners. They are ruining the club’s image and are only making things worse.

And don’t get me started on the federation that is more interested in getting cheer leaders and more foreign players to sponsor the league than invest in decent referees. How hard is it to get two freaking decent referees? If Ghayyath were to referee the game, he’d do a better job (No I’m just kidding LOL!).

What a joke!