We’ve been hearing for the past week or so about an offer submitted by Siemens’ CEO to the Lebanese government to build power stations in Lebanon. A leaked voice note recorded by lawmaker Yassin Jaber is also claiming the government refused the offer that would have solved the electricity crisis.

When asked, Lebanese caretaker Energy Minister Cesar Abi Khalil denied receiving any offer from Germany’s Siemens and claimed that “the only thing that has happened in this area is that Siemens made such a suggestion but it withdrew it later on”.

However, and despite not receiving an official offer, Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser replied to a Lebanese journalist’s question on whether they offered help and tweeted the following:

“Yes, we did. During the visit w/ our Chancellor, I did offer to help improve the whole electricity value chain and have our team to come in and assess what’s best for the people.
No response yet from Government. Our door is open! Offer still good. Call Anytime! @Siersdorfer_D”

The real question is: Why didn’t the minister take Siemens on their offer? And why wasn’t this information disclosed to the public? Why don’t we seek help from the German company?

Instead of giving everyone English lessons Mr. Minister, why don’t you call the CEO and see what he has to offer?