If I had any authority or power, I would demand that the person who designed this abomination and the guy who approved it be hung by the testicles.

If the goal of this bridge was to increase traffic, then I say “Job well done!”.

It’s not enough that the bridge in the middle of the highway right next to one of the busiest spots in Beirut and is causing disgusting amounts of traffic, the road right before City Mall is not asphalted! All the cars have to come to an almost complete stop about 50 meters before the bridge and slowly go down a 30 centimeter slope…

The project itself is incomplete. There is garbage everywhere under the bridge! Barrels, cement bags, wheelbarrows, mountains of waste, and my personal favorite: the homemade ladder leaning against the column.

I live exactly 12 kms away from my work and it takes me exactly 1 hour every morning to drive that distance

When you check out the renderings of the bridge and the surroundings (below), you can only but wonder the level of intoxication of the designer who came up with this engineering marvel. The only part that looks real is the traffic on top of the bridge. The rest is just pure fiction.
When has there ever been in the history of this country just 1 car on each side of the damn road??

Pictures of the rendered images from www.plus961.com