Picture from Maya Zankoul

I was very surprised to read Brofessional Review’s post on Maya, not because it was critical of Maya’s work, but because it was highly subjective, disrespectful and unfair. However, it’s their right to criticize the way they see fit and I will not bother reply as I am not fit to discuss illustrations and what makes someone a real illustrator, but I thought a word of support to Maya, who is one of BlogBaladi’s biggest fans (and vice-versa) and one of the nicest people you could ever meet, was the least I could do.

After all, it is not just Maya’s talent that got her to where she is today, but the way she was able to communicate her ideas in a fun and creative way. In fact, sometimes I would spend an hour writing a post that she would summarize in an illustration/doodle/WhateverYouWannaCallIt.

Keep doing what you do best Maya!

Update: I recommend you read BeirutSpring’s post on this matter [Here].