Is there anyone who doesn’t know Naim Halawi in Lebanon? Is it possible that no one has ever heard of SLCHI and Naim’s hilarious clips and epic NYE predictions? Every year people start sharing his old clips where he’s mocking Michel Hayek or some other silly clairvoyant and fortune tellers, but this is the first time ever that Naim had to explain to come commentators that his predictions are a joke and not “real” ones, noting that there’s no such thing as real predictions to begin with.

It started when he shared a list of 2017 predictions, which got picked up by Annahar where many started bashing Naim for joining the list of psychics and fortune tellers LOL!

Check some of the comments because they’re funnier than Naim’s list:

صاروا كل هالبهايم يلي بيطلعوا عالتلفزيونات عرافين . وينو وزير الاعلام يخلصنا من هالآفة الجربانة .

صارت شغلة يلي ماعندو شغل ربحية وبدون رأسمال

ماشالله الدجالين كترو خليك بالتمثيل افضل الك

كل فول أحسن
يا ابو كرش

هيدا بعد لي ناقص .. كملت

How can people not tell this is a joke? And who the hell believes in such predictions in the first place? Do yourselves a favor and block these posts once and for all.

And for those who still believe in horoscopes, NASA has recently revealed a 13th Zodiac sign so your sign may have been a different one this whole time (And I don’t care if this is a true story or not because it’s about horoscopes and horoscopes are stupid).

Last but not least, enjoy one of Naim Halawi’s old but gold take on Michel Hayek’s predictions: