This is an email I received from Karim, a big fan of the blog.

Man yesterday i was at work n forgot to get food from home, so i decided to go to zwz to have the famous jibneh wu hotdog which i usually like to have.
usually it’s for 7,500 L.L maftou7a mashrou7a which I believe is expensive but whatever…

I was shocked to find out that it is now 10,500 LL ! copy of bill attached… for some extra pieces of hotdog! so ur paying 3,000 LL FOR FEW EXTRA PIECES OF HOTDOG!!! the whole friggin canister of hotdog containing like 8 full hotdogs is less than 3,000 LL.

Not only that, when I was upon eating what do i find?!?! some za3tar & oil on my jibneh wu hotdog!!
at least have the courtesy of using a clean knife when cutting my way way way overly priced jibneh wu hotdog!