Dewars Introducing the Scotch Egg in Lebanon

Dewars Lebanon has officially launched The Scotch Egg Club a week ago that will take over Garden State on Monday on the 1st of August. I missed out on the launch but I'm eager to try out the scotch egg. For those who are not familiar with it, a Scotch egg consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or deep-fried. The chefs at the events are flavoring…

Cafe Najjar From “Wen fi Lebnene Fi Najjar” To “Abel Kel Chi, Fi Najjar”

If I had seen this ad on TV, I would have never guessed it was a Cafe Najjar one. Beach house, surfer with dreadlocks, beach volley and a camp fire: A drastic change from their latest ads but a good one in my opinion. It's a feel-good summer ad and I love how they're showing beautiful areas and surfers in Lebanon because very few people know that you can actually surf here. There's one thing…

Vogue Spends Four Perfect Days in Beirut

2 months ago
Alison Beckner came to visit Beirut for four days and the result was “a perfect storm of shopping, wining, dining, dancing, and—eventually—sleeping in this capital city where the Mediterranean meets the Middle East”. Friday at ...

A Sneak Peek into Roadster Diner’s New Menu

2 months ago
Roadster Diner just launched a brand new menu and I was the first to try it out on Saturday at their new Hazmieh branch. The new menu rolls out on Thursday and will contain over ...

Lebanese Wines Marsyas & Bargylus Featured In France’s Le Monde

2 months ago
Karim and Sandro Saadé, the two brothers and owners of Château Marsyas in Lebanon and Domaine de Bargylus in Syria got a special two-page feature in the French daily newspapers Le Monde, one of the ...

Restaurants in Lebanon That Allow Credit/Debit Card Payment on Delivery

2 months ago
I always carry some cash in my wallet but I’d rather use my credit/debit cards for all my payments, especially when I’m ordering lunch or dinners because it’s much more convenient. A friend of mine ...

Al-Manar Anchor’s Twisted Logic

3 months ago
A Lebanese TV Anchor called Diaa Bou Taam tweeted yesterday that he wants to boycott restaurants that open during fasting hours and that he is going to shame them in public. He went on by ...

(Updated) Zaatar W Zeit Now Has Knefe

3 months ago
Update 25/06/2016 : Z Knefe Quick Review I tried Zaatar W Zeit’s Knefe two days ago at ABC Achrafieh. The Z Knefe comes in a man2oushe-shaped dough, it’s lighter than the normal Knefe and is ...


3 months ago
Diwan Beirut: One of the best quality food and delivery services in Beirut Diwan Beirut has kicked off last week a pretty cool campaign for the Euro 2016. I love The hashtag they came up ...

Mrs.Clueless: One of My Favorite New Bloggers in Beirut

3 months ago
I have no idea who Mrs.Clueless is, I’ve never met her in person but I’ve been following her Instagram page since December last year and I love what she’s doing. She’s a newlywed who loves ...