Who doesn’t love Saj Manakish or simply Saj Bread? Unfortunately they’re best enjoyed when right out of the Saj and it’s hard to find that that often, especially when you’re abroad. Buying the big old fashioned Saj is too cumbersome and unnecessary for household use, but I’ve seen many portable Sajs that can be used on any oven or even outdoors on picnics or BBQs.

The ones I’ve found online so far are Saj Voyage, Mini Saj Kit as well as these on AliBaba.

I’m considering the Saj Voyage one, it’s slick and has a travel pouch which turns into a cushion to extend the dough, there’s also an extra layer to bake mouajanet and it can be used outdoors and on ovens. It costs $85 though, which is pricey when compared to simpler flatbread ovens or only-electric mini-sajs.