How Lebanese treat symbols of freedom

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I spotted the statue of liberty (a replica of course!) two days ago in front of a pub in Gemmayze (they were probably holding a New York NYE theme party), and on the next day someone posted on Instagram a picture of that same statue placed recklessly and clearly ruined on top of a pick up.

It wouldn’t have hurt to treat the statue in a more decent way and donate it to some school or university instead of damaging it that way. But then again, if our own Martyrs’ square statue is riddled with bullet holes, don’t expect another country’s statue to be treated in a better way.


5 thoughts on “How Lebanese treat symbols of freedom

  1. rampurple

    Treat the statue in a more decent way? Do you know how many little statues are made every year and how many are broken? Or do you know how many of those little 3d figures are created that people hold on 4th of July and then throw away? It’s not a Lebanese thing. The Americans themselves in the US would have treated this statue the same way. Inno 3ady.

  2. Jad

    Thats the statue of the debate club of NDU. they’ve been using it for 2 years maybe and now they decided to park it in front of their pub lol


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