4 thoughts on “Joura on the Dora Highway

  1. Alf

    Trust me, it wasnt the same. I just reached the office where I am suppose to be at 8:30.
    See, I check your blog the first thing in the morning even if im late to work :)

  2. Najib Post author

    Ouf but it didn’t take me more than the usual to get to my office. Maybe the pothole is somewhere else then :-)

    Where do you come from anyway?

    Yeah I saw and I appreciate it. (not sure if ur boss does though lol)

  3. Alf

    I come from far far away!
    Everyday from Jbeil to DT… Yes I know it’s a long and hectic drive especially int he traffic. but what to do. I tried the link for the covoiturage but I dont think its that efficient…

  4. Robin

    There’s a huge pothole in nahr el mot (before taking the bridge to citymall) and there’s anotherhuge one in front of the port entrance.


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