Let’s Sukleen Lebanon!

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Why is he using Flash in broad daylight?

I saw this poster on the side of a Sukleen truck so I went into the App store to download the app and see what it’s about. As it turns out, it’s an app where you can take pictures to report any cleanliness issue to Sukleen directly and point out its exact location on the provided map. You can also follow up on the issues you’ve raised to see if Sukleen took action or not. Added to that, there’s a sorting guide that gives you tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle at home and in your office.

I think it’s a pretty useful app but from what I understood it’s only available on the App store which sucks. As far as the marketing campaign is concerned, I wish they had gone with something simpler and showed an example of what we should be taking pictures of.

14 thoughts on “Let’s Sukleen Lebanon!

  1. helena

    Well, if only they could be more responsible about their truck drivers and stop hitting the cars parked on the side of the roads where they pass. I know it’s an irrelevant subject but I really don’t know how to tell them this. They just hit the cars and continue as if nothing has happened. And it’s so obvious it’s them as the green paint color you will see on your car can not be missed!!

    1. Sahar

      Hi Helena, something similar happened with me, and I called sukleen, they were really professional and they fixed my car..you can call them on 1551 if it’s not too late, and I believe they will help as they did in my case..

  2. Patrick

    What do you mean it sucks that it’s only available on the App store? Where else could it be available if it’s an app for iOS devices? It’s the only place you can download them.

    I think their marketing campaign is understandable, it’s obvious the guy is taking a picture (the flash is there to show that he is) and we all know what Sukleen is about. So it at least raises curiosity. Their campaign is effective, since it made you download the app.

    1. Najib Post author

      What I meant is the app should be available for all to use not just iPhone users. It would be better if they made it for Android and Windows Phones as well.

      I download many apps just to check out what they are about. People using it and interacting with Sukleen makes it effective.

      1. Patrick

        Ah, then you should be more clear about it, because it was kind of confusing to read in your post. I guess they developed an iOS version just because a lot of people seem to be using iPhones, or maybe developing for Android is a little different? Eh. Who knows, I’m not an expert when it comes to that, but at least they’re trying to do something that has a lot of potential 🙂

        1. Najib Post author

          I thought it was clear from the poster at the start of the post. Yup I agree that it’s useful and I will try use it and see how they treat the issues raised.

    2. Georges Daya

      As a photographer…flash can be used in broad daylight as fill-in light for subjects with harsh shadows, in that case, showing a flash in this ad also proves that there’s lots of piled trash around the streets of Lebanon that only a flash would be needed to show them all 🙂

  3. LeLa

    haram allah y3eenon sukleen ppl its like someone is trying to sweep the desert.. the application should be to report the civilians actually littering and not the other way round 🙂
    I think they’re doing a great job!
    Like their ads too

  4. Laila

    Ok, cool app, clear ad, but once again, advertising campaigns, in their attempts to be super sleek and cool, totally disregard an important percentage of the Lebanese population who can only read Arabic, and who miss the message. And yes, LeLa is right, reporting litterers would be better, but that’s the responsibility of the ” government”.

  5. elie

    this is from the money they stoled from the lebanese people. always new trucks, high salaries, always new logoss from the lebanese pockets.Sukleen is the most racist company in lebanon, they should say Taliban’s apps abd not sukleen apps

  6. Wissam Abdel Baki


    this idea have been stolen from our website launched in november 2012 and was promoted on LBCI as well.


    Sukleen back then was contacted by us but unfortunately they didnt reply.

    We launched an Ap and a website to help beautify beirut.

    Just a note.



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