Mdairej Bridge: The Tallest in Middle East

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The 70 meter (230 ft) high bridge, near the mountain resort town of Sofar on the mountainous road linking Beirut and Damascus, was hit several times during the first days of the war but on July 21 a 200-metre-long section was completely destroyed as it was bombarded continuously. Ironically, the Americans paid for its reconstruction.

Also and as you can see from the picture, snow is everywhere. I don’t remember the last winter where we had that much snow.

25 thoughts on “Mdairej Bridge: The Tallest in Middle East

    1. Patrick

      lol the US sells weapons to whoever buys them. There’s nothing ironic about what they did, it’s not like they sell weapons exclusively to Israel. Pretty sure Lebanon has some US-bought automatic rifles.

      1. Najib Post author

        US sell and manufacture weapons exclusively to Israel and they have special bonds that no other country has. They are strategic unseparable allies and the weapons we get from the US are mostly lousy humvees, and old weaponry.

        In other words, they give us the left overs.

  1. jeff

    What if Israel buys some of their missiles from USA…Does that mean anything significant to you? Lebanese army has US weapons as well!

  2. Johnny

    It is not a problem of buying missiles my friends, the problem that you are not seeing is that USA supported Israel politically, economically and military (and not only military) during July war which was lead by Israel AGAINST OUR COUNTRY!

  3. jeff

    johnny; I don’t want to get into politics and whether you are right or wrong! Israel has friends everywhere in the world. It is no secret that USA has been a supporter of Israel for decades. As for the war; well it was initiated by a party in your own country. Do not poke the lion’s den especially when you know how brutal, savage & merciless the response could be!


  4. Johnny

    I am just saying my point of view and I am not afraid of any “brutal, savage & merciless” response.
    Regarding the the party of my own country, I am not justifying anybody’s action.
    If you know Israel had friends everywhere and USA is a “supporter” of Israel, then you are fully supporting my point of view!! Thanks.


  5. jeff

    Johnny…what’s your point of view or point for that matter? It seems you just found out about USA/Israel relationship:
    “the problem that you are not seeing is that USA supported Israel politically, economically and military…”


  6. Johnny

    From what u have just said it seemsthat u r young not in politics but generally.
    Since u have turned our discussion to personal i am not going to reply to ur nonsense and irrespectful words.
    Just for ur information i am very cultured and i read lot of books and articles concerning this subject and other matters…so Please keep ur judgments for u. Full stop.

    1. Najib Post author

      Guys, I am starting to regret I added this small comment. All I meant was that it gives Israel weapons then it repairs after it.

      Please keep this away from politics.

  7. Johnny

    my replies are deleted whereas you keep such replies:
    1- Bravo 3lek, mannak 2aleel! You read books and articles?!
    which a very ironical reply with no respect at all.

    2- lol cheiyif enno ur readers m3a22adin 😛
    m3a22adin is a very common word!!!???????

    Thank you.

    1. Najib Post author

      You used someone else’s username and commented in their place. I don’t care what you post or comment but don’t steal another person’s ID. That’s not funny nor easy for us to figure out when there are many comments.

  8. Fadi

    I am an Lebanese-American and I support Israel over Iranian ideologies and their political dominance any day of the week..


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