MEA passengers start mutiny after being forced to remain on board delayed Heathrow jet for seven hours

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If I was in their place I don’t know what I would have done. I keep reading about planes being stuck on the runway for hours and I find it horrifying. Imagine being stuck on the airport tarmac for a duration longer than the actual flight back home.

More pictures and the full story [Here]

6 thoughts on “MEA passengers start mutiny after being forced to remain on board delayed Heathrow jet for seven hours

  1. Ronman

    I would have grabbed a beer (preferably Almaza), Popped the safety slide open and said (Fuck it) on the way down… Seriously… 7 hours? the plane is most probably not set to feed the people for 7 hours not to mention the additional 4.5 it needs to get to Beirut…

    MEA is crap at its best, and if the Pilot told me ( you should fly the plane) i would say by all means you dill weed, how condescending is that?

    someone has to inform MEA air crew that “Hamshara” can only get you so far in a crisis…

    MEA Sucks and is corrupted and overpriced…can’t wait until the skies get open, air taxes readjusted so it can be run into the ground….

  2. haissam

    Shit happens, it wasn’t any of the crew nor the airport’s fault. People need to be more understanding, i was once stuck on an Etihad airplane for 5 hours because of a tire malfunction, nobody freaked out. Bass Lebanese people cannot live without shoving their nose into everything and arguing with everybody (I’m Lebanese btw and i speak from past experience) We think we are above all laws, goshhh.

  3. Najib

    Honestly, 7 hours is no joke and the airport officials should have let people down and offered them drinks or something while they were fixing the plane then boarded them again.

  4. Mariam

    This can happen anywhere. Delays keep people in planes for long hours all the time. THis isn’t a problem specific to MEA or Lebanon.

  5. Robin

    I was once stuck on an Air France plane coming to Beirut. We also stayed 7 hours in CDG before taking off. They also had to stop the ventilation and they only offered us some bread and canned drinks. Moreover, we were not allowed to use our cellphones to inform our relatives. I was 12 then (travelling with my younger brother)and it was a traumatizing experience.

    Honestly, stop trashing the Lebanese.

  6. Ronman

    Well i hear of people getting stuck on the ground numerous times, but this is the first time i hear the crew and passengers fighting, and the first time i hear that a Pilot gets condescending and downright insulting toward a passenger.

    When you are stuck for a technical fault, you deal with it, and you understand that flat tires, and radios can break, and usually they move the people out of the plane to do such service (sometimes) but when the weather is bad, you would think all airlines learned from the Ryan air debacle from about 2 years ago…


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