New 50,000 Lira released

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I got yesterday the new 50,000 bill and It is still the same size as the old one but looks much nicer. I really don’t understand why the Lebanese Central Bank can’t come out with smaller bills. The 100,000 LL is even bigger than the 50,000 LL and barely fits in any wallet.

I wonder how big will be the 500,000 bill they plan to release in the future?

18 thoughts on “New 50,000 Lira released

  1. Najib Post author

    They are not that bad as they were designed to look like the 50 euros. I think they are not done in Lebanon, maybe in Switzerland or something like that.

  2. Ronman

    Didn’t they retrofit the most recent bills to be the size of the Euro bills because they are printing them in Europe on the same machines? the 100k fits in my wallet find, it’s you that should up-size your wallet Najib ;).

    As for the shapes and colors, it has to have as many anti forgery tricks as possible in order to keep funny money off the streets, that’s why new dollar bills are colorful and intricate. Have you ever been stuck with a forged bill? it’s a nightmare to get rid of, and if you go the central bank they will not refund you and they will confiscate it, so the bill stays in circulation until it gets there when someone fails to spot it…

    Beware of the 500 Lira coin, many i heard are circulating in the market (1 million dollars worth)

  3. Patrick

    Thats one ugly 50,000
    It doesn’t look like the euro at all, they should hire new designers who are capable of copying someone doses style.
    How about they come up with an original design instead of trying to copy the Europeans? And we should have consistent looking money, the 1000, 10000, 20000, etc all look different.

  4. Kheir N. Seifeddine

    i hate the design of the money in leb damn it see the old 25 lira and 100 lira they look much more about lebanon

  5. Bilal

    Lebanese currency is the ugliest ever! The US Dollar is the best, they’re all the same size and similar shape, Lebanon should do the same…

  6. Marco T

    can’t understand why they are copying the Euro style!!! i think we have talented designer to create a wonderful designs.

    i hate the new designs.


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