No plans for a new Jal el Dib bridge

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MP Mohammad Kabbani hinted the other day that there might not be a need for a new Jal el Dib bridge if removing it has facilitated traffic towards Jounieh and Tripoli. This statement has apparently angered Jal el Dib residents who decided to organize sit-ins every Tuesday on the site until the problem is resolved. [Source]

Noting that more than 50,000 cars used to cross in and out of Jal el Dib under the bridge on a daily basis, it’s unfair to cut off a large city just like that. However, Jal el Dib’s municipality takes part of the blame for refusing all the plans proposed in the past few years to replace the bridge and not presenting a viable alternative.

In terms of traffic, I must admit that it has worsened a bit in the morning but has become much better on the way back. What used to take more than an hour is now taking 30-40 minutes.

You can check out the alternative routes to coming into Jal el Dib nowadays[Here].

5 thoughts on “No plans for a new Jal el Dib bridge

  1. Sami

    Ghazi el Aridi is the minister of public works, Mohammad Kabbani is ” رئيس لجنة الأشغال “

  2. The Razor

    Traffic experts know very well that the more entry and exit you make the more you get traffic congestions. Traffic should be channeled. with the bridge of Antelias and the one for Naccach, Just 300 meters away, there is no need for this bridge in Jaleddib, plus on the other lane, there is a bridge in Nahr el Mot. Ppl should get used to new non-traditional solutions. if there was a bridge there for 30 years that doesnt mean there should be a new one

    1. Rob

      ur right but in this case if they have constructed a NORMAL bridge in “nahr-el mot” THEN we wouldnt need a bridge in “jal el dib”

  3. Joe Moukarzel

    Bridges are made to facilitate everyone’s route. If a decent bridge was to be built similar to the one in dbayeh, then i’m pretty sure everyone will be happy especially that traffic will decrease at least 50%. I’m 100% with the construction of a bridge, a decent one.


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