President Fouad Chehab’s Residence (Update)

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The Presidential Palace where Fouad Chehad resided during his term in Zouk Mikhael has been under renovation for almost 2 years now and it looks like they are almost done. The house looks beautiful!

Let’s hope more Lebanese would preserve historical houses instead of demolishing them and replacing them with ugly buildings.

Here’s how the house looked two years ago.

5 thoughts on “President Fouad Chehab’s Residence (Update)

  1. Chadi

    Just for your info, it wasn’t general Fouad Chehab’s personal residence. It was the official Presidential Palace during his presidential term. His personal residence is in Sarba.

  2. Chadi

    I forgot to mention that whatever it was or its is now one thing for sure, the house is amazingly beautiful and as you said Nagib hope more will be done to preserve those beautiful historical houses. Our national heritage is fading away and no one seems to really care. What a shame

  3. LebExile

    it costs an aweful lot to restore something of that magnitude! nonetheless – it looks amazing!


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