9 thoughts on “Ziad Rahbani Interview with Mayadeen TV

      1. Elie

        Antoine, i like Ziad’s plays but he was always a better musician than a writer…
        And Najib, i suggest u take the time and listen to the music ziad had composed over the years… He is arguably the best jazz musician in the middle east and bil afra7 is the one of the best oriental tracks ever composed… 37 min of authentic lebanese oriental music… I mean everyone is entitled to his opinion but saying that u dont know what people see in Ziad is just bluntly ignorant… You may not like the style of his music but at least you should have some respect the man that along with a few other artists defines what u call lebanese music

  1. Roger

    Putting away his political leanings for a bit: as someone who grew up during the war, I mostly appreciate his uncanny ability to capture describe the dysfunctional stereotypes of the Lebanese society and different factions in his plays (up to Shi Fechel in 1983, for me at least).

    On the other hand, having people laugh at *everything* he says, especially in his TV interviews, is a turn-off. Especially when he’s not really being coherent in what he’s saying. Maybe it’s his drunken/high persona that they applaud.

  2. Razor

    Najib, it needs time to appreciate him, it is an acquired taste. Some ppl who lived the war understand better his parodies. he was the most influential person during the period from 1974 until 1992, a period of idealistic dreams, contrary to the current period.

  3. Scirocc0

    what i see … the music he plays the best music ever,
    the play he made in the 80s … when i listened to them back between 2000 and now … we are still living the same way !!
    it’s not every word he says is funny … its just the plays need some reading between the lines to fully see the humor in it and his meanings … at least for the people who thinks his way …
    anyway this is an answer + opinion from a Ziad Rahbani fan …
    anyway who don’t like him he is not obliged to … and i see your way of putting it is nice … you don’t start saying bad stuff about them u just say that you don’t like them 🙂 … thank you

  4. ed

    “I never liked the guy and never will. I always wondered what people saw in him.”

    if you can’t see the genius in this guy well it’s your problem!

    I wanted to end my comment but then I re-read what you said… “And never will..” I just don’t understand that! what if he found the cure for cancer, or saved you from drowning,or more simply than all of that, he composed the most amazing melody you would ever hear… will you still not like him?


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