Rina Chibani was crowned Miss Lebanon tonight and her twin sister Romy was the first runner-up. I saw parts of it and couldn’t help wondering the following:

1- I love and respect Maxime Chaaya but what did they choose him to be on a beauty pageant jury?
2- Why are LBC giving so much importance to Facebook and Twitter in the interview? What does having a Facebook or Twitter account have to do with being Miss Lebanon?
3- How fair is it to let two sisters compete? That’s just weird.
4- Why is an 8-month pregnant lady presenting the show? Why take this risk?

Also, I was reading Rina’s Q&A and I noticed this answer:

Q: What would you change about yourself and why?
A: If I could change something about myself it would be my sensibility.

How exactly do you change your sensibility?

Nevertheless, Rina seems like a good choice. Check out the other contestants [Here].