I compiled a list of old pictures of the American University of Beirut from 1890 until today to celebrate its 150th anniversary. I found old photos from 1890, 1907, 1910, the 1920s, 1930, 1942, 1953, 1969, 1971 and 1980 all from three main sources [OldBeirut], Life and AUB. I also added a couple of recent pictures.

I always miss AUB and try to visit it every now and then. I miss hanging out with friends near Bliss, on the green oval or the cafeteria stairs. I miss running around from one class to another, I miss walking around the campus on rainy days, I miss having lunch breaks at Universal Snack and buying snacks from Abu Naji. I miss some of my teachers but I will never miss exams or studying at the library hours before an exam 😀

AUB will celebrating 150 years all year long. They are asking old students to share their AUB stories and organizing several events. Check them out [here].

AUB Assembly Hall 1890 AUB Assembly Hall 1890

AUB in the 1910s AUB in 1910

1914 old beirut AUB – 1914

AUB Assembly 1920 AUB in 1920

AUB 1920 AUB in 1920

AUB OLD non AUB Biology Classroom in the 1920s | Copyright Library of Congress

AUB 1930 AUB in the 1930s

1942 AUB AUB Medical Gate 1942

AUB 1950 AUB in the 1950s

1953 aub AUB Main Gate 1953

AUB MC 1969 AUB MC 1969

bliss 1980 Bliss Street in the 1980s

And here are few recent pictures of AUB:

AUB New mindingthe Green Oval – via Mindingthecampus

Zaha Hadid The famous Zaha Hadid building at AUB

AUB trees AUB 2011 – Source

AUB cats AUB Cats are awesome

AUBStairs I hated these stairs!

And a beautiful picture from the sky:

aub overview