Music 4 Sara El Khatib – The Coldplay Covers Edition

7 years ago
Sara el Khatib may have lost her fight with cancer but she remains an inspiration to many specially after her brave Tedxtalk. Sara is still inspiring many and a group of artists are organizing a ...

Sara El Khatib’s Inspiring Ted Talk Before She Passed Away Fighting Cancer

8 years ago
[YouTube] Sara passed away 14 days after giving this inspiring and brave Ted talk. I wish I had attended the event and met her in person. May she rest in peace and many thanks to ...

Remembering Sarah el Khatib On World Cancer Day

7 years ago
via ArtSheep Sara el Khatib was a 4th year pharmacy student at LAU and was battling cancer, living with an amputation and enduring the accompanying pain. Sara gave the below inspiring TEDx talk 14 days ...

Run For Sarah el Khatib At The Beirut Marathon

8 years ago
The Beirut Marathon Association has opened two extra days for registration for an exceptionally awesome lady, Sarah el Khatib. Sarah was at TEDxLAU this year and delivered an inspiring talk on her fight with cancer, ...

Nutella’s Controversial Billboard

7 years ago
Picture via Rania el Khatib People are apparently upset with the above Nutella billboard because it shows Christian names with the English version and Muslim names (Except for Sarah which is not Muslim) with the ...

“Picture Perfect”, A Children’s Book Commemorating Beirut Blast’s 3-Year Old Victim Alexandra Najjar

9 months ago
I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for Najla el Khatib to try and write down her sister’s story, but I can only admire her courage and perseverance in coming up with this ...