No more Arguile?

Law 174 will be implemented on September 3rd 2012 and will consist of including a “No Smoking” sign and prohibiting smoking in all public places. Somehow I don’t feel like anyone is going to take this law seriously plus if I understood correctly, it will include prohibiting arguile too not just cigarettes.

The campaign to enforce law 174 prohibiting smoking in closed public spaces is organized by IndyACT, Tobacco Free Initiative – TFI and in collaboration with AUB -Tobacco Control Research Group (TCRG) at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Implementation of smoking ban in public places:
Enforcement will take place in the following places, but not
limited to: Governmental buildings, schools, universities, hospitals,
clinics, workplaces, banks, private businesses, malls, airport and
public transport & including the hospitality sector : Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels (20% of total number of rooms can be used by smokers), Bars, Clubs, theaters. [Law174] [FB]

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