Father Abdo Abou Kassem, head of the Lebanese Catholic Media Center, still thinks there are “devil worshippers” in Lebanon and is now after a group of people celebrating Halloween in a palace in the Southern village of Sfaray. The group, according to Abou Kassem, were reportedly dancing in a “strange way” and aren’t from the region, but from Sidon and its suburbs.

According to Megaphone News, “the group of young people explained that they were filming a university project in the palace for Halloween, but Abou Kassem insisted that this was still a cause for concern, especially that they were not from the region, claiming that “this village’s youth are peaceful children of the Church who have no connection to such rites.”

Few years back, the authorities mistook a Friday 13 Jager party for a satanic ritual, knowing that there has never been One confirmed case of satanism in Lebanon.

Someone tell Abou Kassem to stop watching Netflix horror shows 😂