I am glad Danielle posted about Uncle Deek because I’ve been forgetting to talk about this place. To say it in few words, If I were the minister of Interior or head of the police or even a local police official in the Ain Mraisse area, I would do everything I can to close down this place because:

1- It does not have a Valet Parking but worse, it lets cars park randomly in front of it, blocking the whole right lane and causing endless traffic throughout the day.

2- The Coffee delivery people there are Kamikaze and jump in front of cars to get coffee to their customers on the other side of the road.

3- It looks very dirty from the inside and outside. I am quite sure it won’t pass any hygiene test.

4- Its slogan is stupid (cold-food-hot) WTH?. Reminds me of Bliss House’s slogan (BBQ, Juice, Ice Cream). That is not a reason to close it but I thought I mention it.

As for its Nescafe, I never understood the Lebanese people’s obsession with nescafes from small kiosks or dirty looking shops that pour lots of Nestle into the Nescafe to make it taste nice.