I’ve been watching some of the Houssam Eddin Hariri Tournament games in the past week and the Riyadi team, which I never supported to be honest, is way ahead of the competition this year. I know they’ve been dominant for years but this year’s lineup is unstoppable when compared to the other teams, specially the 21-year-old shooting guard Ahmad Ibrahim who joined Riyadi last year.

The other teams that might threaten Riyadi this year are Amchit and Mouttahed. Both have strong lineups and Mouttahed has a great coach (Joe Moujaess). As far as Hekmeh is concerned, their problems are far from over and I am afraid we might not see a Sagesse team this year.

Here’s the list of the key players at Riyadi this year:
– Ismail Ahmad
– Jean Abdel Nour
– Ahmad Ibrahim
– Roy Samaha
– Ali Haidar
– Amir Saoud
– Miguel Martinez
– Omar Turk
– Izzat Kaissi
– Wael Arakji
– Ali Mahmoud