Via DailyStar

Sandra Hassan started this app as a joke but I have a feeling a lot of Lebanese will use it. I can’t wait for the “Istinkar” version she is working on for Lebanese Politicians lol!

You can download it for Android [Here].

Every time there is an explosion, we have to spend a lot of time contacting our loved ones and letting them know we’re alright, making sure they’re okay too.
Not anymore!
With this handy app, you just have to open it and tap one button and the fact that you’re safe and sound will be tweeted to the world with #Lebanon and #LatestBombing.
If your friends use this app too then you can just go to your twitter feed and filter for these hashtags to instantly get reassured about your loved ones!
We’re working on newer versions of this app that will support facebook as well.
NB: We are also working on a version for the politicians so that they can tweet out there “istinkar” of the situation with just one tap!