I had quite a pleasant dinner tonight, even though I was by myself. I didn’t plan it of course but I was supposed to have a meeting with few people at Mrs Robinson supposedly tonight and I got there ahead of time or I thought I did, then it turns out the meeting was tomorrow (khrefna).

Mrs. Robinson is a new restaurant in town located in Annahar building in downtown Beirut. It is a burger joint but also has salads, appetizers and desserts. I am trying to eat light snacks for dinner so I ordered a salad that seemed very appealing and it was indeed really good!

The salad consisted of fresh mushrooms, rocca, lettuce and iceberg topped with parmesan cheese and fresh strawberries on the side, with a balsamic dressing. The strawberries really made a difference and I loved the idea.

As far as their burgers are concerned, a friend of mine did not like them while another loved them, so I have to give them a try next time I go.

PS: Listening now to Mrs. Robinson’s song by Simon and Garfunkel.