I was just saying two weeks ago how Lebanese fans are gaining more interest in the Spanish league and El Clásico [Link] and what I saw yesterday in Down Town Beirut was enough to convince me that there’s a Barca & Real Madrid mania spreading all across the country.

I shot the video above after Messi scored the first goal against Real Madrid. You would think it’s some party but not at all, those are Barca fans dancing the dabke. Restaurants in Down Town Beirut were as crowded as during the World cup yesterday.

As far as the game is concerned, I have to say the referee yesterday reminded me of the one that directs the basketball games in Lebanon. I second Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho that something’s not right and there should be measures taken to stop those bad calls. How the hell was that a red card against Pepe? WTF was the referee thinking?

Also, I think Dani Alves should be banned for 1 game for being such an awful cheat.

Here’s an image of the tackle that earned Pepe a red card.